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Make Money by Becoming a Real-Estate Agent

There’s a vast amount of jobs out there that don’t require a college education, and they’re growing in popularity as more and more Americans abandon the pursuit of knowledge and exchange it for an early start to their careers.

One of the more profitable options for anyone with nothing more than a High School diploma is becoming a real estate agent, and if you consider just how red-hot the housing market is right now, it’s easy to see why.

Another benefit is that becoming a licensed agent only requires you to pass an exam and renew your license every 2 to 4 years, whereas other professions require you to undergo extensive training before you’re ready to work.

Finally, there’s the possibility of self-employment, which is particularly true for real estate agents as they usually accept commissions and will get paid upon completion.

The numbers

In late 2020, right when America was coming off of the biggest COVID-19 wave we’d experienced in the 2-year-long pandemic, there were over 106k registered real estate brokerages in the country.

The fact that the housing market was experiencing a major boom at the time likely contributed to this number, and if you look at data from this year, mortgage rates as well as rent prices are going through the roof.

This creates a highly competitive market for prospective homebuyers, and who’s going to capitalize off that better than the men and women tasked with buying and selling these properties?

With all the stars lined up, the housing market practically created a perfect nesting ground for tens of thousands of up-and-coming real estate agents to make a name for themselves, and we’re going to try to give you the low-down on what you can do to get your piece of the cake.

Applications and exams

While every state will have its own laws regarding real estate agents, the general consensus is that one needs to be at least 18 years of age to be in this line of work, as well as possess at least a high school diploma or an equivalent.

You will also be required to pass a written exam and have attended an agreed-upon number of classes in real estate management.

Some states will require you to undergo additional training or submit additional information, and you should note that your license doesn’t generally transfer between states, meaning that if you move, you’ll have to get re-licensed in the state you’re currently residing in.

Thankfully, you can find some inside info on these exams at a state’s official administrator for the licensing exams, which can help you do some much-needed prep work before you commit to getting your license.

Taking classes

Due to how popular the career choice has become, a number of universities and colleges across the US have now started offering courses in real estate marketing, including some certificate programs.

In fact, you can even get a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in real estate now, so long as the university you’re attending offers the opportunity, and while it may not do much in terms of improving the quality of your work, it’ll make you seem like a much more desirable agent once you’re ready to start your own practice.

However, it doesn’t end there, because the digital age has also allowed us to embrace online education, and now you can even finish your real estate classes online with platforms like Real Estate Express and 360Training, which will teach you about all the ins and outs of the housing market and what you can do to manipulate it to your will.

The scope of the work

People who pursue a career in real estate usually choose between becoming a broker or a sales agent, two extremely similar jobs in terms of responsibility but wildly different when it comes to actual involvement with the market.

A broker is usually far more experienced in the industry, and will usually manage their own real estate business, whereas agents are employed by these businesses to do all the heavy lifting.

After gaining several years of experience, most agents become brokers and set off to run their own place of business, providing more work for up-and-coming real estate agents looking for an agency that’s hiring fresh meat.

At the end of the day though, both brokers and agents are hired for the same reason, that being that buying and selling property is far too complex for the average American to spend their valuable time on, which is why they’ll sometimes end up paying ridiculous amounts of money just to have someone else do it for them.

Bottom line

Becoming a real estate agent has never been easier, and it’s fairly profitable to boost, as most real estate agents now have a salary that’s between $90-100k, and this number can go up if you’re able to snag some higher-end clients.

The main selling point of this career choice is that it doesn’t require any college education, and all you’ve got to do is pass an exam with flying colors, which shouldn’t be hard for anyone who’s able to think on their feet and be prepared to change course at lightning speeds.

Both of those are qualities a real estate agent should have, and if you’ve got what it takes to be one, getting to the point where you’re allowed to will be a breeze.