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These are the golden rules for making purchases online safely according to the Police

Despite the fact that the bulk of the Christmas holidays has already passed, there is still the visit of the Three Kings and the start of the sales, so it is still time for shopping. For this reason, and with the rise of cybercrime, the National Police has given its golden rules for making purchases online safely, we will tell you what they are.

If 2022 has taught us anything, it is that cybercriminals have use many techniques to try to deceive you and make you fall for their scams. The main objectives are to get hold of personal data (such as name, ID or address) and bank details, which is why cyberattacks camouflaged on shopping websites or similar are one of the favorite tools.

To avoid being a victim, the National Police has compiled up to twelve recommendations and aspects that must be taken into account to make sure that the website where we are going to buy something is not fraudulent. First of all, whenever possible we should buy from well-known or trusted sites and brands, just as you should check seller ratings whenever possible.

Another aspect to ensure that we are not scammed is to control the periodic charges and know how we can cancel the subscription, in turn, we must be careful with the data collection permissions and understand what can be done with them. The Police remember that you should never give or enter your bank details on a website until you are going to make a purchase, just as you should never make advance payments.

The logic to follow is if you would not give money to an unknown person on the street who offers you something, why would you do it on the internet? In the event that you are going to make a purchase, there are also things to take into account.

First you have to make sure that the data transfer is correctly protected, we always have that the page has a lock symbol at the beginning of the URL, as well as see if it uses HTTPS and SSL protocols.

Another aspect before buying is to make sure that the website authenticates the cardholder with a Verified by Visa or Master Card Secure Code. Once the purchase is made, you should always keep all the supporting documents and documents that prove your purchase in order to demonstrate that you have made the purchase.

Following these steps will not always save you from falling for a cyber scam, since every time they find new ways to deceive users, even so, following these principles is a great shield and on many occasions following these guidelines can be key to not becoming a victim.


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