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The seven signs that indicate that you should change your computer

Computers, like any other electronic device, have a certain useful life, it is true that this can be extended more or less depending on the use and care you give it, even so, after a while they stop working. Today we tell you up to seven signs that tell you that it is time to change your PC.

1. You can’t update it to the latest operating system

When this happens, it is best to start thinking about buying a new PC. This is because if our system can no longer be updated, it starts to get out of date. At first this is not important, but as time goes by this will only cause us problems of operation and security.

2. You can’t run apps

Following the line of the operating system update, this is another clear indication that your laptop is living its last days. Games and apps are becoming more powerful and demand more from the hardware, so if your computer can’t handle or run these apps, it won’t do you much good.

3. It’s too slow

This is usually the main indicator that leads users to change equipment. This is something that you easily observe, and there comes a time when your computer takes almost longer to turn on and start working than it takes you to do the task for which you have turned it on. It can also happen that the commands you do take much longer than they should, in these cases it is best to buy a new computer.

4. It has to be plugged in all the time

Like all electronic devices that have a rechargeable battery, the battery has a finite number of charges. This means that once you overcome them, the computer always has to be plugged in with a charger since when you disconnect it it turns off. Obviously, this is a key reason to change equipment since it has lost one of the characteristics that make it portable and from here the computer is only going to get worse.

5. You have no storage space

That your PC does not have more storage capacity, the RAM memory is full or the CPU utilization exceeds 80% are some of the indications that you no longer have storage space. You may think that deleting files can fix it, but sooner or later this won’t be enough and there will come a point where you can’t do anything with your computer.

6. Every time you turn it on you have to fix a new problem

At the moment that you spend more time troubleshooting your PC than using it for your tasks , it is time to renew your computer. Over time, connection errors, application errors, freezes or a blue screen become the norm, ending the patience of users since every time they turn on their device they only waste time.

7. It makes a lot of noise

If your PC looks like a spaceship about to take off every time you turn it on or try to perform any function with it, it’s time for a change. Fast, unexpected or new noises are a bad sign for the life of your computer as it indicates that either it can’t run anymore or it is going to have an imminent failure.


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