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Benefits of the HUD Home Store

When you start looking for a house to buy, you might feel lost. This is especially the case if you have limited resources or a low income. In this situation, you may think that you are helpless, but that’s not true! In fact, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a variety of services that can make it simpler to find affordable housing. One helpful tool they provide is the “HUD Home Store.” Many people have no idea what this resource contains or even that it exists. In this article, you will see what this tool can offer you and how to use it.

Understanding Options You Can Find on the HUD Home Store

If you decide to take a virtual trip down to the HUD Home Store then you can expect to see the following types of properties on there:

  • HUD Foreclosures
  • $1 Properties
  • Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) Homes

Basically, this website is a database for the HUD real estate-owned (REO) single-family homes that are currently available for sale. Users can find available HUD homes by using the website’s search function. It’s great for people looking for homes, but it’s also helpful for real estate brokers, and local and state governments.

In general, properties are evaluated before they are listed on the website. These properties are likely to be found in designated revitalization areas. The goal of this evaluation is to see if the property can only be sold solely to authorized non-profit organizations or local governments.

There will be a priority system for homebuyers if the property is not qualified for any special programs like $1 Homes or GNND Homes. If a property hasn’t been sold by the end of a certain period, it will be made available to anyone who is interested in buying it.

HUD Properties That Have Gone Into Foreclosure

There are lots of different options out there when it comes to financing a home. One mortgage in particular are FHA-insured mortgages. Foreclosures on homes that were financed with these mortgages are the responsibility of HUD. That is why HUD will acquire ownership of the home. In order to make up for any losses, they sell it afterward.

How Can People Buy These Homes?

Not just anyone can sell these types of homes. Only real estate brokers who are approved by HUD can! Buyers can work with any of these brokers in order to put in a bid to purchase the home that is featured on the website. A broker’s experience and knowledge of the market make them an excellent resource!

Are These Properties Sold As-Is?

Yes! If something has happened to the property, like damage, HUD will not pay to have it repaired. That’s because the properties that are on the market as a direct result of foreclosure are being sold in their current condition. This means that the new homeowner will be responsible for paying for any necessary upkeep as well as any essential upgrades.

$1 Properties

Local governments now have the opportunity to acquire homes for the low, low price of just one dollar thanks to the HUD. Because they must be in the foreclosure process, these homes are subject to certain unique requirements. In addition to this, the value of the property must be less than $25,000. Not only that but it needs to have been on the market for a period of time longer than six months. When local governments get these homes, they fix them up. After that, they make these houses available to anyone in need of housing aid who meets the requirements at an affordable price.

Good Neighbor Next Door (GNND) Homes

The goal of the HUD GNND program is to help people in certain jobs afford homes. People who qualify for this program can get a discount of 50% of the listed price on houses that are eligible for the program. The eligibility requirements for this program are different for each type of job. The following categories of work qualify for GNND benefits:

  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Firefighters
  • Teachers (from pre-k to12th grade)
  • Law Enforcement Officers

There are some terms that come along with these homes if people want to qualify:

  • The buyer needs to make the property their primary residence for a minimum of three years after purchasing it.
  • The homes must be located in revitalization areas.

You can search for properties that are currently available under this program at the HUD Home Store. The listings for these properties will change every week because they are only up for sale for seven days. If you find a good GNND property, you must follow the rules to show that you are interested in it.

Who Can Participate in This Program?

At this point, you should know that only people who work in the following professions can participate in this program:

  • Firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Teachers

However, each of these professions have specific criteria that they need to meet if they want to get the perks from this program.

Firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Eligible firefighters and EMTs include those who meet the following requirements:

  • Work in their profession full-time.
  • Offer their services to the community around the house they want to buy.

Law Enforcement Officers

Eligible law enforcement officers include those who meet the following requirements:

  • Work as a full-time law enforcement officer for the federal, state, local, or Indian Tribal government.
  • Offer their services to the community around the house they want to buy.
  • Have sworn to enforce the law and arrest those who violate it.


Eligible teachers include those who meet the following requirements:

  • Offer their services to the community around the house they want to buy.
  • Work as a full-time teacher for specific grades in qualifying schools.


When looking for a property to purchase, the HUD Home Store is a fantastic place to begin your search. You will need to work with a HUD-approved real estate broker to be able to purchase one of those properties on the website. They can provide you with the information you need and will help you submit your bid. If you spend enough time reviewing the many options available on the website, you may find what you’re looking for!


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